New and young packaging
for the Velhotes (Oldies) brand
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Porto Cálem is one of the highest awareness Port Wine brands, among more than 40 others. Almost all Portuguese families know Porto Cálem, as a recognized market leader in this country, especially through its product ranges Velhotes Tawny, Ruby and White. Founded in 1859, by António Alves Cálem, Porto Cálem was by this time dedicated only to wine exports to Brazil in exchange of exotic woods and by means of its own fleet. In fact, those activities are still remembered today through the Porto Cálem brand logo where a caravel stands for this proud history.
Porto Cálem was kept in the family for four generations, always developing business around quality Port wines, from which resulted high recognition all over the world.

VOLTA has been part of this quality by keeping the heritage when developing new and current packaging for some of Cálem Brands. It´s been an effort to maintain and transmit their values to their consumers but, at the same time, updating its packaging designs.


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